Taken with Sparkle Lens

The Sparkle lens is compatible with both lens cases and was designed to capture all gems and diamond scintillation. Take note you must use the Sparkle lens together with the Sparkle light on.

Sparkle 1-1
Sparkle 2-1

Taken with 5x Lens without Sparkle Lens

5x Lens allows you to capture jewelry and gemstones at a 5x zoom. The shooting distance is 5cm to 10cm. Anything that is not within this range will become blurry.

wo Sparkle 2-1
wo Sparkle-1

Taken with White Light

White Light is configured at 5500K; perfect for diamonds and fine jewelry.

White 2-1

Taken with Yellow Light

Yellow light is configured at 3500K; perfect for gems like emeralds, rubies, and opals.

Yellow 1-1
Yellow 2-1

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